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Solving Bat - Wildlife Conflicts in Charleston, Parkersburg WV, Beckley WV and Huntington West Virginia as well as Athens, Ohio, Marietta, Ohio and Akron Ohio one Home at a Time!

Raccoons are abundant. Raccoons have learned that the attics Chimneys and soffits of our homes can be a safe place to have babies and live. Charleston WV Raccoon Removal is only the first step. Exclusion of the raccoons in the attic is Paramount to conclusion of issue.Whether is bats squirrels raccoons or rodents in your attic The Wildlife Professionals of Charleston WV can trap and remove them from your property. 

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Charleston West Virginia Raccoon Removal
In Charleston as like most states in our great nation Raccoon's are abundant. Raccoon's have learned that the attics Chimneys and soffits of our homes can be a safe place to have babies and live. In Charleston Raccoon Removal is only the first step. Exclusion of the raccoon's that were living in the attic is Paramount to conclusion of issue.

An raccoon in the attic will use your attic insulation as a latrine and one of the first sign that an raccoon is living in the attic is areas where there is raccoon feces or poop gathered. A raccoon removal expert can remove the animal feces and contaminated material as well as trap the animal from the attic. 

Size and Weight: The adult raccoon is a medium-sized mammal and the largest of the Procyonidae family.  It averages 24 to 38 inches in length and can weigh between 14 to 23 lbs., or more, depending upon habitat and available food. The male raccoon, or boar, is slightly larger than the female, also referred to as sow. The young are called kits.

Physical Features: The mask of black fur that covers its eyes is its most characteristic and familiar feature. One hypothesis for the dark fur is that it may help reduce glare and enhance the nocturnal animal’s night vision. The species has grayish brown fur, almost 90% of which is dense underfur to insulate the animal against the cold. Five to eight light and dark rings alternate on its tail. Because its hind legs are longer than the front legs, a raccoon often appears hunched when they walk or run. The five toes on a raccoon’s front paws are extremely dexterous, functioning essentially as five little fingers which allow it to grasp and manipulate food it finds in the wild as well as a variety of other objects, including doorknobs, jars, and latches. A raccoon’s most heightened sense is its sense of touch. It has very sensitive front paws and this sensitivity increases underwater. When able, a raccoon will examine objects in water.

Life span: In the wild, a raccoon has a life expectancy of about 2 to 3 years, but in captivity a raccoon can live up to 20 years.

Diet: The raccoon is an omnivorous and opportunistic eater, with its diet determined heavily by its environment. Common foods include fruits, plants, nuts, berries, insects, rodents, frogs, eggs, and crayfish. In urban environments, the animal often sifts through garbage for food. The majority of its diet consists of invertebrates and plant foods.

Geography: The raccoon is native to North America and can be found throughout the United States, except for parts of the Rocky Mountains, and southwestern states like Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. It can also be found in parts of Canada, Mexico and the northern-most regions of South America. During the 20th century, the species was introduced to other parts of the globe, and now has an extensive presence in countries like Germany, Russia, and Japan.

Habitat: Originally raccoons lived in the tropics where they could be found foraging along riverbanks. Over time they moved north up the continent, successfully adapting to new territories and expanding their diet. Traditionally, they live in tree cavities or burrows emerging at dusk to hunt frogs and crustaceans while keeping an eye out for predators such as coyotes and foxes. Barns have aided their northern migration, offering refuge from cold northern winters, and now, raccoons have been found as far north as Alaska. The species originally kept to the deciduous and mixed forests of North America, but its impressive ability to adapt has enabled the animal to move into a wide range of habitats, from mountainous terrains to large cities. The first urban sighting was in Cincinnati during the 1920s. Raccoon populations do very well in urban areas, primarily due to hunting and trapping restrictions, a general lack of predators, and an abundance of available human food. The size of a raccoon’s home range varies depending on habitat and food supply. In urban areas, its home range generally spans about one mile.

Breeding and Social Structure: The animal is nocturnal, mostly foraging and feeding at night. Though previously thought to be quite solitary, there is now evidence that the species congregates in gender-specific groups. Mating season for raccoons falls generally anytime between January and June.  Most females begin reproducing around the age of one. The female has a 65-day gestation period and gives birth to two to five kits, usually in the spring. A mother usually separates from other raccoons to raise her young alone. The male does not participate in the raising of the kits. The black mask is already visible on newly-born kits. The kits stay in the den with their mother until they are between 8-10 weeks old, and will stay with their mother until they reach 13-14 months of age.

Whether is bats, squirrels, raccoon's or rodents in your Property, The Wildlife Professionals can trap and remove them from your property. Dead Raccoon Removal too.

Charleston West Virginia Bat Removal
In Charleston and all parts of our nation Bats are of greatbenefit to the environment, however when bats take up residence in a home it can be a daunting task to evict them. Bat removal by Bat removal and control experts are the only true way to solve the wildlife conflict.

Charleston WV Bats typically take residence in attic spaces of our homes churches - other buildings. they can live there for years without the homeowner ever knowing. Scratching in the attic in Charleston, or noises in the wall can be an indicating factor that you have a wildlife conflict.

  Bat Removal in Charleston WV this is a serious issue due to the amount of guano(droppings) that can accumulate. Bat's guano carry many health hazardsincluding histoplasmosis that  causes respiratory issues. Not to mention the weight of the accumulated guano will actually weigh down the ceiling -in some cases cause the ceiling to fail and fall into the living place. 

Bats also have another secret weapon in their arsenal in Florida. most Charleston Bats carry Bat bugs. Bat bugs are almost identical to bed bugs and cause the same issue. Bat bugs will feed on the blood of anything living and can be very difficult on their own to get rid of.

We Specialize in Charleston Bat removal,  Charleston Squirrel Removal,Charleston Raccoon Removal, Skunk Removal, opossum Removal, Snake removal, Poisonous Snake Removal, Rat Removal, Rodent Removal, Animal Trapping service, Animal Control, Copperhead Rattlesnake removal, Coyote removal in WV and surrounding areas

We offer Gutter Cleaning Services in Jackson, Kanawha and Mason County WV.
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The Wildlife Professionals of Charleston, WV West Virginia are Locally owned and operated and are here to help with all of your wildlife Conflicts.

Charleston WV, Parkersburg WV and Huntington WV Raccoon are tenacious creatures. Cute and friendly looking, though they are not very friendly and when they get into your home they lose their cuteness pretty quick.

The fact is that raccoons carry a variety of diseases including rabies and distemper and when they take up residence in your Charleston attic space or Charleston WV chimney they also leave defecation (poop) that needs to be removed.

A Raccoon in your Charleston West Virginia home found in your  Chimney and a Raccoon in the Attic can be an extreme danger to you, your pets and your family.

In Charleston, WV raccoon or "coon" trapping may be required to start the process of raccoon removal by raccoon control experts!

When dealing with raccoon removal or raccoon control conflicts in your home or business it is best to call your local raccoon trapping and raccoon exclusion professionals.

The Wildlife Professionals of West Virginia can help. Trained and experienced wildlife technicians will solve and remove the conflict. 

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We remove raccoon and raccoon babies from home attic spaces and from a business. When you have a raccoon issue or raccoons in the attic we can help you and remove the raccoon problem. 

I have a raccoon in my chimney, I have a raccoon in my attic, I have a raccoon under my deck, I have a raccoon family under my house thats making noises.

Areas of raccoon removal are Airport Village, Alum Creek, Belle, Big Chimney, Cedar Grove, Charleston, Chelyan, Chesapeake, Clendenin, Coal Fork, Cross Lanes, Dunbar, East Bank, East Nitro, East Side, Edgewood, Edgewood Acres, Elk, Elkview, Forest Hills, Fort HillGlasgow, Handley, Hillsdale, Jefferson, Joplin, Kanawha City, Kanawha Estates, Loudon Heights, Marmet, Montgomery, Nitro, North CharlestonOakwoodPinchPratt*RandRock Lake VillageSaint Albans, Sattes, Shrewsbury, Sissonville, South Charleston, South Hills, South Park, South Ruffner, Spring Hill, Tornado, Twomile, Vandalia, Winifrede Junction WV, Aarons, Acme, Acup, Amandaville, Amelia, Annfred, Arborland Acres, Baker Park, Barren Creek, Beech Park Acres, Belvil Park, Blackhawk, Blakeley, Blount ,Blue Creek, Blundon, Bream, Brounland, Burnwell, Cabin Creek, Carbon, Cinco, Coalburg, Coalridge, Coco, Corton, Creed, Crown Hill, Davis Creek, Dawes, Decota, Dial, Diamond, Dickinson, Donwood, Dry Branch, Dungriff, Dupont City, Elk Forest, Elk Hills, Emmons, Eskdale, Etowah, Falling Rock, Ferrell, Fivemile, Forks of Coal, Frame, Gallagher, Giles, Green Valley, Greencastle, Guthrie, Hansford, Hernshaw, Hicumbottom, Highlawn, Hitop,Holly,Holly grove,Hollyhurst, Hugheston, Institute, Island Branch, Ivydale,Jarrett,Jarretts Ford,     Kayford, Kelly Hill, Kendalia, Kenna Homes, Knollwood, Laing, Leewood, Legg, Lico, Lincoln Park, Livingston, London, Lone Oak Park, Loudendale,Lower Belle, Lower Falls, Malden, Mammoth, Marlaina Addition, Meadowbrook, Miami, Middle Fork, Millertown, Milliken, Monarch, Nuckolls, Odell, Ohley, Olcott, Osborne ,Parkway Terrace, Pentacre, Pocatalico, Pond Fork, Pond Gap, Port Amherst, Putney Quarrier, Quick, Reamer, Red Warrior, Rensford, Republic, River Bend, Riverdale Acres, Riverlake, Riverside, Riverview, Rocky Fork, Ronda, Roseville Addition, Ruth, Ruthdale, Rutledge, Sanderson, Sandy, Schrader, Sharon, Snow Hill, South Malden, Spangler, Sproul, Standard, Strawberry Heights, Sun Valley, Sweet Acres, Tad, Three Mile, Turner, Tyler Heights, Tyler Mountain, United, Victor, Virginia Heights, Walgrove, Wallace, Ward, Weberwood, Wellford, West Montgomery, West Side, Wevaco, White Chapel, Whittaker, Wills, Wilson, Winifrede, Witcher, Youngs Bottom WV and Raleigh County, WV, beaver WV, Beckley WV, Beckley Heights WV, Bolt WV, bradley WV, Coal City WV, Crab Orchard WV, Daniels WV, East Beckley WV, Eccles WV, Ghent WV, Glenn White WV, Helen WV, Lester WV, Mabscott WV, MacArthur WV, Piney View WV, Prosperity WV, Rhodell WV, Shady Springs WV, Sophia WV, Stanaford WV.

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Barboursville WV, Beverly Hills WV, Culloden WV, Guyandotte WV, Harveytown WV, Huntington WV, Lasage WV, Milton WV, Pea Ridge WV, Salt Rock WV.

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Credo WV, Crum WV, Fort Gay WV, kenova WV, Lavalette WV, Prichard WV, Wayne WV, Westmoreland WV.

Athens County, Ohio
Albany Ohio, Amesville OH, Athens Ohio, Buchtel OH, Chauncy OH, Coolville OH, Glouster OH, Hockingport OH, Jacksonville OH, La MAr Heights OH, Longview Heights Ohio, Ohio, OH,Millfield OH, Nelsonville OH, New Marshfield OH, Stewart OH, The Plains Ohio, Trimble Ohio.

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Blacksville WV, Brewer Hill WV, Brookhaven WV, Cassville WV, Cheat Lake WV, Evansdale WV, Fairmor WV, Granville WV, Morgan Heights WV, Morgantown WV, Pentress WV, riverside WV, Sabraton WV, South Hills, Star City WV, Suncrest WV, The Flatts WV, West Sabraton WV, Westover WV.
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Barrackville WV, Bellview WV, Beverly Hills WV, Carolina WV, Edgemont WV, Fairmont WV, Fairview WV, Farmington WV, Garden Village WV, Gaston Junction WV, Grant Town WV, Hillcrest WV, Mannington WV, Monongah WV, Norwood WV, Pleasant Valley WV, Rachel WV, Rivesville WV, Watson WV, West End WV, White Hall WV, Worthington WV, Idamay WV.

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